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Links of Interest in Telecom

"Opening Telecom and Technology Opportunities Worldwide"
I have tried to identify many of the important telecom and technology sites, but I may have missed what you are looking for.
If that is the case, I encourage you to use this interface to the Google search engine to find it!

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Non-Profits & 
Trade Associations
News Sites

Federal Communications Commission

DSL Forum

DSL Prime

Department of Justice - 
Antitrust Division

DSL Life

The New York Times

Federal Trade Commission

Personal Communications 
Industry Association

The Wall Street Journal

Department of Commerce

United States 
Telecom Association

The Industry Standard

National Telecommunications 
and Information Administration

Benton Foundation - Communications Policy & Practice

Telecom Web

NUA Internet Surveys

National Association of 
Regulatory Utility Commissions

National Regulatory
Research Institute

International Engineering Consortium

Economic Strategy Institute

DSL Reports

Development Gateway

Inter-American Development Bank

World Bank

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