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Narrowband International: Worldwide Opportunities at 2 Mbps and Under

General Description of Report

For most of the world data communications remains firmly below the 2 Mbp s level. Not only do the capabilities of the existing global infrastructure seldom extend much beyond this limit, but in many nations there are few applications or end users who require higher bandwidths. Thus Communications Industry Researchers, believes that the worldwide market for narrowband equipment and services is worth billions of dollars and continues to present major opportunities for manufacturers, service providers, software companies and systems integrators.

But international narrowband markets are beginning to change. Virtually every country in the world is deregulating its narrowband markets -- allowing new service providers and equipment vendors into the marketplace. At the same time, narrowband technologies are also changing. Narrowband communications was once almost synonymous with dial-up POTS, X.25 and private line. Today, there is a rapid transition to frame relay and ISDN.

To help our clients understand and profit from these changes, Communications Industry Researchers has just published Narrowband International: Worldwide Opportunities AT 2 Mbps and Under, a 270-page survey of the market opportunities for telecommunications services and equipment operating at 2 Mbps and below. Narrowband International provides details on all the leading narrowband markets in Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Pacific Rim. Every leading country is profiled with details provided on key service providers, regulatory issues and local manufacturers. We have also provided information on service pricing and tariffing. In addition, there are ten-year forecasts of narrowband market values for each of the countries profiled, with the markets segmented by X.25 service, frame relay services, ISDN services, and equipment markets. For each region we have included further breakdowns of equipment markets into private and public sectors and switch/multiplexer and interface segments.

What countries and regions outside of North America offer the greatest opportunities for equipment manufacturers? What technologies have had the most success to date and what migration path will they follow? How will the political and economic changes sweeping the globe impact opportunities for growth? Which countries and regions will drive the narrowband market into the next century and beyond? Where does your company fit into the global market?

Narrowband International provides the answers to these questions and mor e. It offers a trustworthy analysis of who the competitors in each market are, along with their strengths and weaknesses. It offers information on size and future growth of the worldwide narrowband marketplace and it predicts how regulatory and legal changes in each country will impact that marketplace. Narrowband International will be essential reading, both for managers planning to enter international narrowband markets, and for those already in these markets who are trying to understand what the future holds.

Narrowband International is based on painstaking research including personal and telephone interviews with key decision makers in the narrowband field. In addition, we carried out a complete review of major trade and technical periodicals as well as computerized literature searches.

Narrowband International is backed by CIR's almost 20 years of demanding research assignments for the telecommunications, computer, cable and broadcasting industries. Narrowband International is currently available at a price of $3,500.

This report's Executive Summary is available online.

Publication Date: March 1997
Price: $3500
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