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Daniel Espitia

An economic development specialist with 24 years of professional experience in public sector reform in the ICT sector, privatization and restructuring; 20 years of experience as development economist, policy and regulation planning specialist, regional harmonization, institutional restructuring and governance. Mr. Espitia has extensive Field experience in the ICT development in 33 countries worldwide, in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia, including some regional economic blocks. He is a specialized project manager with 18 years? experience directing complex international projects coordinating multi-disciplinary specialists, chief of liaison in communications and negotiation with stakeholders that include: individuals, companies, regional organizations, development banks, NGOs, government ministries and agencies, specialized presidential offices, and as on-call mission specialist for the UN. 

Mr. Espitia is a senior expert with a number of international organizations including USAID, the IDRC, the World Bank, the WTO, regional development banks and international NGOs and has a successful track record in international project management and on the design, development and application of economic development models in the field of access to information and communications.

His competence in public sector reform projects is focused on government strategic planning, multi-industry business development and business case modeling. He has also significant experience in institutional restructuring projects, and has been an executive coach with conflict resolution skills and has been called to facilitate resolution of organizational conflict crisis situations.