The New Television 2: Digital Television, HDTV, and the Future of Digital Video Networks


Publication Date: Summer 1998

Price: $4,000

Publisher: Communications Industry Researchers

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The report's objective is to provide a status report and outlook of digital TV (DTV) and digital video throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, namely Japan, and Australia. It offers a comprehensive market development scenario, and forecasts the value of markets and of the technology in the US, Europe, Canada, and the Pacific Rim. The report highlights some of the new opportunities for a successful transition to DTV and to delivering digital video in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia and provides insight into the implications of these trends for broadcasters, cable TV operators, DBS (direct broadcasting satellite) providers, wireless cable operators, the computer industry, and other communications and technology providers. The report also provides insight into the strategies of broadcast, cable, satellite, home video, and computer industries for implementing digital TV and digital video into the marketplace.

The report provides a comprehensive regulatory and market analysis of the main issues and concerns broadcasters, system operators, and equipment suppliers and manufacturers face in competing against the incumbent. Additionally it provides key insight into the economy, regulatory structure, and framework within each country and highlights potential stumbling blocks or obstacles that could delay competition or implementation.


What are the different types of digital compression and why are they so critical to successful deployment of digital TV and digital video?

What are the realistic time frames for commercial rollouts of digital TV and digital video in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Pacific Rim? In Broadcast? In Cable? In Satellite/DBS?

What are the outstanding technical issues that might delay the implementation of DTV/HDTV?

Who are the major operators in the regions and what are their strategies for implementing DTV and digital video.

What are the future market forecasts and trends facing the industry?

What is the current level and focus of competition in the digital TV and digital video marketplace, In broadcast?, In cable? In satellite? In wireless?

What roles do the various standards and organizational bodies play in developing digital TV and digital video.


Cable companies who need to exploit new opportunities

Incumbent telephone operators who must respond to the threat from cable and broadcast companies

New entrants to telecom, broadcasting, and cable markets who need to know the weaknesses of existing operators

Switch and transmission vendors who need to assess an increasingly important market for their products

Set-top and conditional access providers who need to know how the cable and digital TV and digital video market will develop.

Interactive service providers who need to know when cable and broadcast companies will be offering platforms for interactive services worldwide

Whether you are involved in broadcast, cable, satellite TV, the computer, home entertainment, video production industries, or are a TV, cable, or satellite or are an industry securities analyst or venture capitalist, this report is essential to your understanding of the changing and converging technology and telecommunciations marketplace.