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Derek G. Gill is Founder, President, and CEO of FiberSat Telecommunications Corp., a provider of fiber optic and satellite telecommunications services to enterprise and governmental customers. Dr. Gill has over 20 years of experience designing, costing, and pricing global fiber optic and satellite telecommunications networks to link the developed and developing worlds to facilitate information exchange, economic cooperation, foreign investment, and international trade and development. He consults with telecommunications entities in the areas of network design, pricing strategy, organizational structures, and project management.

Dr. Gill is responsible for the economic, financial, pricing, and strategic decisions of FiberSat. He is experienced in conducting research and analysis to understand the drivers of demand and supply for global telecommunications capacity and in performing cost/benefit analyses of alternative sales, marketing, product, and pricing strategies in the global telecommunications market. He is adept at performing competitive analyses, analyzing cost structures, and establishing pricing strategies to achieve the defined profit objective. He is experienced in analyzing regulatory policy, filing tariffs, and preparing proposals for Federal Government and commercial contracts.

Dr. Gill has considerable experience in Project Management and is responsible for project planning, risk management, and project performance measurement using earned value management (EVM) systems.

Dr. Gill began his telecommunications career with COMSAT Corporation in Bethesda, MD where he was responsible for rate and tariff development for the whole spectrum of satellite-based services offered to Signatories by INTELSAT and INMARSAT. He then moved to Nynex/Bell Atlantic where he was Executive Director of Pricing and Sales Strategy. In this capacity, Dr. Gill was responsible for advising the Board of Directors of FLAG (a cable system linking the UK and Japan via the Middle East) of developments in the world telecommunications market and recommending when to rebalance prices on FLAG in a rigorously competitive market environment. Next, he accepted a position with London-based FLAG Telecom Ltd. where he served as Senior Advisor, Strategy and Marketing and served as an integral member of the core management team responsible for the design and development of the FLAG ATLANTIC-1 (FA-1) cable project.

His most recent assignment before founding FiberSat was as Vice President, Product Development and Strategy for 360networks in Herndon, VA where his responsibilities encompassed product and service development, pricing strategy, and business development. In this position, Dr. Gill prepared proposals for the sale of myriad telecommunications services to top-tier international carriers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Gill is a native of Georgetown, Guyana and holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in engineering from Queen's University in Kingston Ontario, Canada, and a Ph.D. in economics from the Pennsylvania State University.