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Tira Greene

Tira Greene is an attorney at law with very considerable experience in design of legal and regulatory frameworks and reviewing and drafting telecommunications, technology and trade laws, and preparing related policies, regulations, licences and contractual documents.  She has provided legal advice and legislative drafting on WTO implementation and communications laws and/or regulations for over twenty countries. 


Ms. Greene is a trained and highly experienced legal and legislative drafter who has advised on and drafted hundreds of laws, regulations, guidelines, leases, licences and other commercial documents in international projects.  She has advised on communications, e-Government and trade policy and legal and regulatory frameworks and drafted enabling and implementing laws. She is particularly experienced in telecommunications liberalisation, e-Government and WTO implementation issues in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). She has an Advanced Diploma in International Law (Masters Degree programme), and a Masters in Telecommunications Policy and Regulation from the University of the West Indies. 


Ms. Greene has exceptional interpersonal skills and develops excellent working relationships with persons from all cultures and backgrounds, evidenced by her track record of repeat consultancies from the same Governments/Countries. She has worked in many regions of the world and collaborated closely with colleagues in and from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States. She is a very engaging speaker, with considerable experience in the conduct of consensus building and training workshops.